Make PDFs for free under the GPL

Now that the new versions of Ghostscript are available under the free software GPL license other projects relying on Ghostscript can be fully GPL software as well. One of these projects, PDFCreator, I recently tested and I must admit I'm impressed.

PDFCreator allows you to make a PDF of anything you can print, documents, spreadsheet, presentations, anything with a print function. PDFCreator even has encryption and security features that would make it perfect for a corporate environment.

With PDFCreator, you can also email the files created automatically. And, you can make images of each page instead of a pdf. You can even combine PDFs you've already made!

Now, wondering what to do with your new found PDF creation super-powers? You can convert weird file formats to PDF, and send them to friends or family that can't open those formats. PDF can also create easier to distribute and smaller files for formats like CAD

Happy PDF creating! See you next week.


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