Drigg is looking for a new co-maintainer!

I would like to ask the free software community to syndicate this entry as much as possible. It's not exciting, it's not "hot", but it is about the future of a great piece of free software.

The short version: I am looking for a new co-maintainer for Drigg.

I have worked really hard on Drigg. I believe it's now the best option out there for people who want a Digg-like site. The roadmap now has:

  • Fix all outstanding bugs. There are very few, actually, and they are all well-known

  • Port to Drupal 6.

  • Start implementing important feature requests. Again, there are feature requests that are well-known, and would be nice to have on Drigg

  • Take Drigg to the next level. This is the exciting part: Drigg has immense potential. Drupal is growing a lot. New modules will enable more and more social networking abilities. There is a lot that can be done.

I took Drigg this far, but I am fatigued. I wrote Drigg not out of passion for programming, but because I felt that the whole world needed it. I wrote several thousand lines of code in a very short time, and kept fixing bug after bug. I also took the step of splitting Drigg into several sub-module--a painful, bold and much needed move. Now, the bug reports are very few and Drigg is very well structured.

I am now looking for a new co-maintainer who can take the lead in Drigg's development. I am not a programmer, and I don't feel I am the right person to push this project any further. There are important features that need to be implemented, and I am just too slow. I am not a very skilled programmer, and it simply shows. The code is good out of immensely hard work, and this means that development is slow. I feel the community deserves better.

I will still be here! People who know me and trust me know that I will hold the hand of the new maintainer and will make sure that everything is going the right direction. I will be here, via email, IM, phone, etc. The new maintainer needs to know:

  • PHP
  • Drupal modules
  • Javascript

If you would like to take over an immensely important, exciting, lively project, please let me know now ("merc" followed my "mobily1" and then ".com").


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