Free software jobs #1

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Here are free software jobs available this week (June 19th 2012). If you are a company working on free (and open source) software, contact us on!

Sourcefabric (6 jobs)

We are looking for developers who want to make a difference.

Sourcefabric believes in quality, independent journalism. We provide news organisations with the software, expertise and support to produce it online, in print and on air. Sourcefabric is established as a Czech non-profit organisation with its headquarters in Prague, branches in Berlin and Toronto, and representatives in Minsk, Guatemala, Warsaw, Belgrade and Cluj.

We build Newscoop (open content management for newspapers & magazines), Airtime (open source radio automation) and Booktype (open source publishing platform for print and digital books) - each is downloaded well over 10,000 times a year. Superdesk´╗┐ will further extend the range of tools in 2012, providing an open source digital workflow solution for newsrooms.´╗┐ Airtime Pro is the first of our groundbreaking SaaS products for media in which we offer hosting, support and other complimentary services for a monthly fee.

The latest job opportunities are listed below, or feel free to go and talk to our developers in the Sourcefabric forums. For information on the posts and how to apply, please visit

Mobile Web Developer
PHP Software Developer (x2)
Python Software Developer
Booktype Developer (Python, C++)
Quality Assurance Engineer


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