Free Software News 9 September 2010 to 16 september 2010

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Magento is now officially available in their Magento mobile version. Magento is very powerful, but it's also the best way to turn a server into an overloaded, underpaid slave if you are not careful with the specs. Their mobile version is reported to respect your PDA's worker rights. In the meantime, for the sleepless, learn how to manage orders using Magento.

DJango released a security update If you hate somebody who uses it, you know what to do. If you love somebody who uses it... tell them. If you have a client who uses it, this is your chance to pay for your September holiday! Oh and DJango 1.2.3 was released

Wordpress' trademark changes hands: it used to be owned by Automattic, and it's now owned by the Wordpress foundation. Now, they will need to decide a date when they will finally chose how to deliberate on the possible decisions on the future of the Wordpress trademark.

IceCat 3.6.9 was released Do you wonder what it is? Well, it was last seen chasing a FireFox, trying to freze the fox's behind, complaining that the Fox's silly t-shirt was somebody's trademark. IceCat is known to go around shamelessly white and naked. They both compete for the Software's Silly Names award.

This is an AD. We placed it blatantly in the middle so that you'd read it. The ad goes: if you and your team are disorganised, then you should try Apollo which will make you feel that you are at least trying to be organised.

Distrowatch does a much better job at collecting news about Distributions than Free Software Magazine. So, follow the link if you can bare to read anything that isn't Ubuntu.

Sugar Community Edition 6.1.0 Beta-2 is Now Available to Test No, the important modules you actually need to get things done are still proprietary. Really. You have to pay for those. Or you can write them yourself.

Adobe Releases New 64-bit Flash Plugin For GNU... I mean for GNU/Linux You may not know the story: there was a 64bit plugin for GNU/Linux. Then there wasn't. Now there is. Free Software Magazine is accepting bets about when the support will be dropped again.

Diaspora is finally about to kill Facebook The only show-stopper for them is the lack of Mafia Wars and Farmville. On the bright side, Diaspora it's based on Ruby and Rails, so that everybody can host it easily.


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