Free Software News like never before: 24 September 2010 to 4 October 2010

Seabird is a new phone concept. Its main aim is to show you how a really cool video about a really amazing device that doesn't exist yet can be used to talk about a very amazing browser, Firefox Mobile for Android, that doesn't exist yet. What's left to be seen, is whether you exist.

Microsoft's Live spaces bloggers will become Wordpress Apparently, the import procedure might consist in a few people working overtime for one day at the most, to move the few dozens users over from Live Spaces to Wordpress.

OpenOffice Forked Into LibreOffice. The short story: imagine OpenOffice as a bar of soap, wet, and Oracle as a spoilt rich child in a bath who used to keep everything he liked, and break everything he didn't like. The soap is slippery. And it doesn't break.

Sony Ericsson abandons Symbian. Maybe, and I say, maybe, Symbian was turned into free software a little tiny bit too late. And maybe, it was turned into free software for the wrong reasons. And maybe, and I say really maybe, Android is better. Maybe.

Microsoft sues Motorola over Android I have the feeling that if Microsoft got somebody to train their lawyers so that they became programmers, they would be able to compete against Motorola with a better product, rather than a better lawsuit. In teh meantine, go to the link there and read the incredible comments by phonelol. It's astoturfing at its finest. "lol"!

Zenoss' newsletter is shamefully mentioned in Free Software Magazine's newsletter. The shameful part is that Free Software Magazine is sponsored by Zenoss; the good news is that Zenoss is free software, and it's good.

Cari.Net hosts Free Software Magazine. Tony Mobily himself has once said that their support, when things went wrong a couple of months back, has been exceptional. Tony also admits that if the support hadn't been exceptional, he would stay very quiet about But Tony Mobily, while talking about himself in the third person, DID say that they were great. So...

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