FSM Newsletter 30th of October 2006

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General announcements

We have been implementing quite a lot of new features lately—and we have two fun new features for you this fortnight. Firstly, you may have noticed that we have added social bookmarking links at the bottom of each entry. You can use these to add a bookmark to your favourite social bookmarking site. This will help expose new people to the free software movement and help us grow in popularity. We have also added a recent comments panel on the right hand side of the page, which shows the entries that have been commented on most recently and will help to keep you alerted to current discussions.

Latest content

Secure email servers from scratch with FreeBSD 6.1 Part 1—Build a secure email server with FreeBSD, Postfix, ClamAV, SpamAssasin, and MySQL with Yousef Ourabi. Read more...

Secure VoIP calling, free software, and the right to privacy—David Sugar talks about the development of free software security for VoIP, and why that’s important. Read more...

Writing documents with OpenOffice.org Writer—because using a word processor isn’t enough.—Want more control over your documents? Marco Marongiu lets you know how to format them the way you want them formatted. Read more...

And now, onto something different—Copyright!—Been wanting to know more about that whole Firefox/Iceweasel malarkey? Mitch Meyran tells us all about it. Read more...

Latest content continued

Debian and Creative Commons—Do you find the whole issue a bit confusing? Terry Hancock may be able to help you out. Read more...

Interview with John “Maddog” Hall about LinuxWorld UK—Tony Mobily chats with John “Maddog” Hall. Read more...

Free software is a weak mode of production—The free software business model is for hippies—if you can even call it a business model. Or is it? Scott Carpenter talks us through it. Read more...

Latest book reviews released

AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web applications by Christian Darie, Bogdan Brinzarea and Flip Chereches-Tosa Trying to build more dynamic, active and interesting web content? Alan Berg looks at how this book could help you. Read more...

Moodle E-Learning Course Development by William H Rice IV Alan Berg looks at Moodle—one of the more popular free software Course Management Systems. Read more...

Book competition announcement for this fortnight

This week we are giving away a copy ofPro PHP Security by Chris Snyder and Michael Southwell and a copy of Foundations of Ajax by Ryan Asleson and Nathaniel T Schutta.

All you need to do to enter is check out the latest book competition announcement on our blogs page.


Thanks go to Apress for providing these fantastic prizes.

Winner of the book competition from last fortnight

Thanks to all those who entered, unfortunately there can only be one winner...

Congratulations go to Johannes Hutabarat of Indonesia.

Johannes has won copies of Pro Perl Parsing and Ubuntu Linux for Non Geeks. for his comment which suggests an alternative name for free software.

Thanks again to all who entered.

Thanks also go to Apress and No Starch Press for providing these great prizes.

This week we would like to give a special mention to one of our members, kennyf27, who commented on the poll. He had some really original and inspired suggestions for alternative names for free software. We particularly liked “Laissez-Waire”. Thanks for your comment, Kenny!

Please comment wherever possible and don’t forget to log in so that you’ll be in the running to win the latest book competition

Poll Results—What do you think we should call free software?

The results are in—with “free software” romping home with 54% of the votes. As was raised in the comments, this was not a surprising result—we are, after all, Free Software Magazine, and that means our audience is likely to be biased toward that name. We were more interested in how the other options faired. The 2nd place getter was no surprise either—“open source” on 38%. “FLOSS” (12%), “FOSS” (11%) and “libre software” (11%) came in neck-and-neck. But the real upset was “something else” coming in 3rd on 13%. Clearly there are plenty of our readers that think none of the current options are perfect. There was some great discussion and comments to this effect. Read more here and stay tuned for...

This fortnight’s poll

Do you help friends and family with their GNU/Linux problems?

If we do a good job of extolling the virtues of free software to our friends and family, one of them is bound to ask for help sooner or later. Whether it be help with installation of a distro, getting MP3’s working, or getting a troublesome piece of hardware working, let us know how often you help new users out and share some of your experiences.

Remember, if you want to vote you must log in!



Your comments on articles, issues, and blog entries are very welcome. They provide other readers with insightful suggestions, further information, and the feeling that they are not alone. They also provide our authors with the feeling that they are being heard. Please comment wherever possible and don’t forget to log in so that you’ll be in the running to win the latest book competition.


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Social Bookmarking

You can use the links at the bottom of each article to add bookmarks to your favourite social bookmarking site. This will help expose new people to the free software movement and help us grow in popularity.


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