Packt Publishing is celebrating their 1000th book tomorrow

Packt is one of the first publishers who actively supported us back in 2005, when this mad adventure started. They were just starting up back then, and yet they invested in Free Software Magazine in several ways (including monetary).

Free Software Magazine is not the only project that benefits from them: Packt's "Believe in Open Source" campaign has already donated more than $400,000 to the projects they cover in their books.

It's hard for me not to be partial. I do realise that the free software world should strive for free documentation; however, I also realise that there is a place for copyright books in this world -- and that Packt is doing things the right way.

So, when I say that you ought to go to and create an account, I say it with the knowledge that it would be beneficial for you. (And no, Packt's eBooks don't come with annoying DRM.

Enjoy your gift!


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