The rebirth of Free Software Magazine

When I started Free Software Magazine, over 10 years ago, it was a very different world. Magazines still mattered, Facebook was a primitive site for university students, Digg was about to become a huge new site (before disappearing a few years later), and... did I mention that Magazines still mattered?

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Fast-forward to 2015: it has been 11 years. While I can say that for the first time I have contributed to an exciting free software project with a few thousands lines of code, Hotplate -- and believe me, I've been keeping busy -- I was forced to put Free Software Magazine in hiatus in order to complete Hotplate.

At this stage, now that I am spending most of my time documenting Hotplate, I feel it's time to reboot Free Software Magazine -- and would like to involve you in the process.

What should Free Software Magazine be?

So, "What should Free Software Magazine be?" is my question. And it's my question to you, asked in the most humble -- and yet excited -- way. I have some ideas, and would like to hear your honest opinion and suggestions

Please reply to this email, and let me know. I am not sure how many people will respond, but I can assure I will do my best to answer to everybody.

My idea

I think Free Software Magazine should focus on... free software. That sounds obvious, but it's surprisingly easy to be derailed when trying to decide a route.

In particular:

  • Interesting desktop software you might not have heard of
  • HOWTO-style articles on how to achieve something specific (cast to your Chromecast, etc.)
  • Comparisons and current status of development tools and libraries
  • Legal: Implications of current laws on free software
  • Games: great games to play with in GNU/Linux, and news in the GNU/Linux gaming landscape

Can you help?

At this stage, every kind of input will be most welcome. After about one week of gathering ideas, suggestions and (hopefully) offers to help, I will start rolling out articles from the "new" free software magazine.

Will see you here!


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