Save the internet before it's too late

In just a few days, the FCC will close its deliberations on Net Neutrality to outside comment.

If the giant telcos, like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast, get their way, the FCC will abandon Net Neutrality and allow them to play favourites with big online companies who are willing to pay them the biggest bribes for favoured online treatment.

This will mean that everyone who can't pay will receive prejudiced online treatment compared to those who can.

Free Software Magazine would provide a typical example. It does not have a ready income from its readers, that would allow it to pay such bribes, and would soon become disadvantaged. Its only option would be to begin charging a considerable price for each issue in order to pay the assessed charges (bribes).

In fact, most services that are currently free on the internet would soon become pay per view only. You will need to keep your credit card handy every time you go online.

Save the Internet has been conducting an intense campaign against this loss of internet freedom and need every bit of support they can get at this stage. Just because you live in some other country is no reason to feel complacent. Once the FCC abandons Net Neutrality these companies will be coming to your government to demand that they follow suit.

We can't afford, literally, to let this happen.


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