See all of your installed applications in Ubuntu Unity

Sometimes, you want to see all of your installed applications in Unity, without having to "search". Doing so will probably make you discover a small world of great software installed in your computer.

First of all, click on the Unity menu:

You should then click on the "More apps" icon. You will get a screen that looks like this:

At this point, you have three list:

  • Applications most frequently used
  • Applications you have installed
  • Applications you can install

You also have a really important feature: "Filter results". Once you have activated it, you can see how applications are categorised in your system:

For example, click on "Internet": you will see all of the internet-related applications you normally use, you have installed, and might want to install:

One little feature that is often missed is the "See X more results": this will expand the list of applications in that section, so that you have a more complete view of what you can see.

Enjoy unity!


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