Thoughts on the Fake Steve from a Fake Reader

That is, I didn’t read the Fake Steve blog. I heard good things. I may have read a one or two posts that I followed through links. Some of the excerpts I’ve seen in the aftermath of the reveal are quite funny. But I wasn’t a reader. I’m familiar with some of Dan Lyons’s work, though, and I’m just some anonymous idiot with a blog so I feel qualified to put my $0.02 in. This is all just my opinion, mind you.

  1. For the people complaining that the New York Times ruined the fun, don’t you get it? He wanted to be outed. Publicity for the book. Nourishment for the ego.
  2. For those complaining that the NYT should focus on more important things, that would be good advice for Mr. Lyons also. Instead of wasting time on a frivolous satire blog, he could have spent it doing research on his “real work”, instead of apparently just making stuff up.
  3. Yes, it is quite rich that the man ranting about anonymous bloggers found additional fame (infamy?) posting as one.
  4. Have you ever read Dan’s personal blog? Petty, petty. That ax must be worn down to a nub by now. From what I hear, Fake Steve is a lot of fun. Dan Lyons sounds like a bitter, angry man.
  5. People are mentioning lawsuits? Come on. Fake Steve is satire, which is protected free speech. Just because you don’t like the guy doesn’t mean the rules are different for him. I certainly can’t stand him, but he has the right to say his say.
  6. Maybe I’m just bitter and angry because Lyons is no friend of free software and has actively worked to undermine the movement. But you know what? That doesn’t matter. He’s irrelevant to our success, which is why we should ignore him. So...
  7. Let’s not feed the troll.
  8. Doh!


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