Using "t" to manage personal tasks

The t task manager boasts two distinctive traits: an impossibly short name and supreme ease of use. This no-frills Python script lets you keep tabs on your tasks and to-dos using a handful of commands.

Deploying t is not particularly difficult either. Grab the latest version of the script from the project's website and unpack the downloaded archive. Switch to the resulting directory in the terminal and run the python install command as root to install the script. Next, create a directory for storing tasks: mkdir ~/tasks. Add then the following line to the ~/.bashr file:

alias t='python /usr/local/bin/t --task-dir ~/tasks --list tasks'

t is now ready to go, and you can start populating it with tasks using the t [task] command:

t Read a book

To list all tasks, use the t command, and you can edit an existing task with the t -e [id] [new description] command:

t -e 1 Read a thick book

You can mark a task as done using the t -f [id] command. Need to display the total task count? Use the t | wc -l command. You can use t to maintain a multiple task list, too. To do this, you need to add a few more aliases to the ~/.bashr file:

alias s='python ~/path/to/ --task-dir ~/tasks --list scribbles'

alias r='python ~/path/to/ --task-dir ~/tasks --list reading'

The aliases above allow you to add tasks to the scribbles and reading lists using the s and r commands respectively.

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